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The practice of rating women using the baseball farm team system:
Major League (8-10)
AAA (6 1/2-8)
AA (5-6 1/2)
Hi A (4-5)
Lo A (3-4)
Rookie League (1-3)
Cape Cod League (or Bush League) (< 1)

People will generally play within their leagues, occasionally going up or down a league. Someone who plays up two leagues or more is either very lucky or pulling some shady shit. Someone who plays down two or more leagues is either desperate, really drunk, or has absolutely no standards for whatever reason.
Even Ol' Dirty Pete, who had no standards whatsoever and routinely dated girls from all leagues of the farm team system, nearly lost his lunch when bush league Gretchen, who looked like she'd just raided an entire McDonald's and then been picked up by a tornado, bombarded with debris, and dropped on her face into a briar patch, showed up at the pool in a G-string bikini.
by Nick D November 08, 2004

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