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Also known as "bush league." This is the lowest class of women on the farm team system who do not even merit a 1 on their appearance. In other words, these women would be very ugly and weather beaten and are generally avoided like the plague by most right-minded men looking for a significant other or just a fuck buddy to share their lives with.
Dave: Hey guys, meet my new girlfriend Fatima.
*disgusting 600-pound porker walks in with her footsteps almost sounding like she could make the ground shake*
Mike: WHAT THE?!!
Richard: Oh shit...
Eric: So um, where you from? Boston?
Fatima: (bellowing) Why do you ask?
Eric: Well um, you remind me of this girl I met in uhhh... Cape Cod.
Fatima: WHAAT?! Are you calling me Cape Cod League?! You're DEAD little man!
Eric: Oh no!!! *gets thrown through window*
Fatima: I may be a bit healthy, but check this out! *flashes everyone; rolls upon rolls of blubber flop out*
Richard: For the love of God...
Mike: I share that feeling man.
Dave: More cushion for the pushin' baby! Awwwww riiiight!

Mark H. UD contributer since February 2004.
by Mark H April 29, 2005
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