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he is a hott sexxy man who is funny and always gunna be mine <3
-awwe hes cute
-hes a farlinger!
#pooo #poo #ppooo #poop #poopy
by trisha wii January 14, 2012
unfair man, who can also be subcribe as a boring stick in the mud. Has absolutly no sense of humor and is a favroutizer he has twig hair and is extremly unatractiive.
jessica= ewww that man is soooo ugly, he scares me!!!
Josh= yeah i know know this must be a farlinger
april= yeah he loves me!

jessica= i'm guessing the feeling is not mutual.
Josh= told you he is total farlinger.
#blahh #habooou #god #devil #gross
by Megan Sonner January 14, 2012
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