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derived from the affirmative 'for real'; used in conjunction with a form of the urban American slang form "my n***a", altered to "ma nilla". Often thought to have stemmed from the Muhammed Ali's famous 'Thrilla in Manila.'
farilla manila like my nilla like j dilla
by kk+ May 23, 2007
"for real" joined together
on the farilla, my nigga
by Nate June 02, 2003
someone who is always left out in the dark.
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
1. Deviating from what is ordinary, usual, or expected; strange or peculiar.
2. Being in excess of the indicated or approximate number, extent, or degree.
"I've heard that that guy's farillas..."
by rudiculous March 21, 2003
Someone who is flagrantly homosexual.
by Anonymous April 14, 2003
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