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The act of masturbating in your hand and then slapping someone in the face.
I was walking down the street when a bum asked me if he could perform a fapslap on me.
by polydizzle February 05, 2009
When a guy masturbates then jizzes in his hand then slaps someone across the face with that hand. The guy can also be getting a hand job from his bitch and he would jizz on her hand, then she would slap someone.
Guy 1: Dude, I was jerkin it last night and guess what!
Guy 2: I don't know broseph! tell me!!
Guy 1: I came in my hand and I fap slapped the fuck out of this granny walking down the street!
Guy 2: For real!?
Guy 1: Yeah man! She fucking loved it!
Guy 2: Nice!
by wahsnayr May 10, 2010

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