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n. Corruption of fap and apple, to refer to apple users who get excitied over anything apple so much that they probably mastrubate (fap) over them.
He is a total fapple.
by Noogie Brown October 20, 2006
The onomatopoeic representation of masturbation in regards to the newest Apple products or features. A derivative of the word fap.
I told him, "Fapple about the iPad 2 press release some more, why don't ya? Try not to get any in your eye."
by ArchAbaddon March 02, 2011
To take an apple, cut a hole in it, and insert your dick into it and pretend like you're having sex with it.
"I'm gonna go fapple right now."

"Mother, buy me some apples at the market. I need them to fapple."
by deathwish124 September 07, 2009
When one faps so hard that their penis resembles an apple as a result of the bruising and swelling...
Oh shit dude, I've got such a fapple right now.
by xemness June 22, 2010
Fapple is the child-friendly version of the word Fuck. The best trick to keep kids from saying bad words is to say the word, "Apple" after every curse.

Once the kid gets older, he/she will use Fapple in place of the word Fuck in their speech. It isn't technically a swear word so parents can suck it...

It works, trust me...
Fapple me running, the Vikings actually won that game...
by Logicalunatic_is_my_name_fukr January 31, 2011
A fapple is when you combine two apple halves (Or haffles) to create a FULL apple. A FAPPLE. FAPPLE. Fapple.
Brother! We must combine our haffles to create a FAPPLE!
by Casual Cat January 26, 2011
Verb. To fapple. Fappling.

To tap ones foot in a moment of humour. Replaces, or combines with, laughter.
Charlotte malkeed Seonaid, and we all fappled.
by Damres November 06, 2005