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a heavy handwoven reversible textile used for hangings, curtains, and upholstery and characterized by complicated pictorial designs, and covered in dried semen. A fapestry is usually the result of someone fapping onto the same tapestry over a long period of time until it becomes rigid enough to throw like a big square frisbee.
"I wouldn't lean up against the thing on my wall, there bro - it's got my baby batter all over it."

"What the fuck? Why didn't you warn me this thing was a fapestry before I put my hand on it?!?"
by hecktor dangus October 10, 2011
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a. A tapestry containing erotic imagery created for the purpose of masturbation

b. A piece of cloth used to mop up ejaculate from masturbation. see: "wank sock."
While hanging up his newly purchased Japanese schoolgirl fapestry, Jonathan became greatly aroused.

Lawrence was dismayed to find his fapestry was still wet from his last wanking when he attempted to use it again.
by SkinADeer December 11, 2012

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