A liquid-like, male reproductive substance.
Did you see 'Crispy' come out of the glory hole stall of the restroom, he was smiling and dripping head to toe in white gooey fap... How distasteful.
by FapMaster. February 16, 2011
F= flipping
A= a
P= pancake
I'm always fap.
by 24845 January 21, 2009
Acronym for "fat ass puss." Commonly used in the bodybuilding world referring to a fat guy that thinks he is muscular and developed.
That guy over there is a FAP.
by Ferguson/Templeton/Duff December 31, 2008
FAP = Fingers and Palm....the parts of the hand used for masturbation.
the siight of that booty, caused johnny to instantly FAP
by dirtythirty30 October 17, 2011
The official acronym for the Free All Poodles campaign.
Are you going to fap tonight
Joe: Are going to FAP tonight?
Tim: Yea man! Me and Sarah can not wait to go to FAP tonight! It's going to be so awesome!
by Frezkee December 13, 2010
by LEEFAP April 02, 2009
Fast acting penis
#2 Fast ass penetration
fast access penetration
#1 Fast access penis
Fast access pussy
Man last night i used my #1 fap and #2 fapped her ass in a heart beat
by TheUBERMaster February 22, 2012

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