Fabulous and Pretty, according to Miley Cyrus. (check out her youtube account and you'll see what i mean)
Miley:"fap? what does fap mean?"
Mandy:"fabulous and pretty!!"
by skrilx April 12, 2009
Acronym for "fat ass puss." Commonly used in the bodybuilding world referring to a fat guy that thinks he is muscular and developed.
That guy over there is a FAP.
by Ferguson/Templeton/Duff December 31, 2008
The onomatopoeic representation of male masturbation.
Often used to suggest that something is attractive.
It can also be used to suggest that something is cute, or that something tastes good, or simply that the person using the word greatly approves of whatever he/she (mostly he) says 'fap' to.
Kristin Kreuk... (¨(òó)¨(¬¬)¨) (^^) *fapfapfap*

Iiice creeeaammm /fap
by Nero-San April 27, 2006
Used in earlier 80's version of Batman and Robin as a sound for hitting someone. can also be used for 'hitting' the meat.
I was Fapping all night long...
by Ratking September 26, 2003
Also Facebook Applications Phenomenon - Usually refers to the annoying practice of spamming everyone you know on Facebook. With endless Facebook Applications such as Farmville, Friend For The Day. My Family, iHeart, and much, much more, it is common for a newbie to become a FAP troll. Most experienced Facebook users just block the app or apps and wait patiently for new users to learn the ropes rather than insult the neophyte by pointing out their garish behavior.
(1) Wait awhile before you fbf Sharon...she's still in FAP mode.

(2) I just block all the FAP spam so I don't have to deal with it.
by Wordturne May 22, 2010
Acronym: Fuck A Pussy
v: to jerk off
Definition 1: Yo at the party I'm gonna fap so no cockblocking
Definition 2: Freddy was bored one day so he decided to watch a few pornos and fap
by Cromdome April 25, 2009
is an acronym for fat above pussy
Hi Becky, I can tell you gained some weight because of your fap.
by Sassafras123 November 18, 2010

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