The sound that it makes when your balls hit your hand when masturbating. Or another name for the action of rough masturbating.
I was fapping in the other room when my mom walked in because she heard loud faps.
by Jerry Hsu number 2 October 09, 2007
Fixed Action Pattern. Produced by an innate releasing mechanism in response to an external sensory stimulus. A term used in biology.
Sound coming from teenager's room: "FAP, FAP, FAP, FAP" parents: "Little Tim's fascination with memorizing his biology is so commendable! Maybe we can help him."
by Canadianbiofreak March 11, 2014
F-Frontal A-Assualt P-Platoon BS acronym to use when people ask what it means.
Tom: I was going to fap yesterday but then my mom came in.

Jimmy: What does fap mean
Tom: Frontal Assualt Platoon idiot it's a strategy
by Fapkid March 25, 2014
Masturbating, self pleasure, rubbin' one out, jerk n' squirt.
Hey Vic, how did you fall asleep while fapping?

Hey Vic, how many times a day do you fap?

Vic, you are the queen fapper.
by Scrottie Rot August 31, 2009
(Verb) To fap - another word for Wank
(Noun) - Describes the sound made when wanking, fap,fap,fap
Lee loves to fap over female sangheili hentai.
by sangajin January 16, 2008
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