Group of freelance IT profressionals idling on IRC.
We got a good fap going on in here.
by Rick "kitty5" Pemberton May 06, 2003
fap - a code word used to masturbate usually used by males.

me and my friends have started using this word recently since we heard of its meaning.

we use it as part of a scale of how far someone has 'gone' with a girl.

gandered - kissing
fap - petting
pwned - intercourse
Alfie: pwned her yet then?
Adam: nah just fapped, and gandered.
by Treulf October 04, 2006
coms from, a site for meeting people and rating pix
I have a fap at
by Nathan August 02, 2004
To engage in the respectable (and pleasurable) act of sitting down and reading a good work of literature.
I can't wait to fap to some Keats!
by HardcoreFapper January 06, 2010
he pulls his dick all day long .. hemi the crazy kiwi
fap fap fap hemi goes
by sjrp dodson III September 04, 2003
Benni fapped off in a park while people walked by.

Benni faps off four times a day.

Benni has such loose foreskin that when he faps off, you can hear it in the next room.
by zubchowski August 02, 2006
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