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Funny Acting Person
Fake Ass Person
Man, she a fap and you know it!
I'm of all these FAPS!!!
She's not my friend anymore because she's a fap.
by immascorpio1114 November 20, 2009
v. a male sexual act; to slap one's penis across a woman's cheek or forehead in a repetitive motion, causing a faint "fap" sound
My girlfriend wouldn't listen to me, so I had to kneel her down and fap her across the face to show I mean business!
by C-Bags28 March 26, 2009
Acronym for FAT ASS PUSSY. FAP is also a descriptor for a really good pussy that belongs to a girl that is thick not fat but thick and has a good fucking personality.

Definition # 2

The anti-fupa movement also associated with guys and for that matter girls who can't stand bitch ass girls who have fooomotherfuckingpa regardless if they are skinny or not
Yo...did you see that

YEAH man....that girl had a smile between her legs

Yeah man lemme get some of that FAP

Yo what that mean


What that

Shit you can't get

Sucka you fuck WAP

What that...check the definition bitch

Example #2

Yo man my girl got fupa....


Yo girl better have FAP motherfucker

Were after that soul food not the gristle and fuck those atkins skinny ass bitches gimme some of that FAP BITCH....
by FoundingPop1 March 30, 2009
This is when an old man tries to masturbate but he is so old that his erection is still floppy.
Grandad is shaking his flacid penis.. oh wait, he is fapping.
by Shornathon! February 10, 2009
In the white wolf live-action roleplay (larp) or tabletop game "Vampire: the Masquerade," FAP is an acronym for the combination of three extremely potent vampiric combat powers: Fleetness, Aegis, and Puissance. The game is designed such that most characters should never possess all three powers, but in practice many gamers/larpers who desire excessive power will find ways to acquire them all (see powergamer, and some of the definitions under twink).
"Don't go after Jimmy's character, that powergamer/twink has FAP."
by Artation September 12, 2007
didn't know about the masterbation association of this word!
I thought it was heard mostly in the work area
boy is she touchy after that meeting- FAP
by Cynthia Moore September 09, 2007
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