didn't know about the masterbation association of this word!
I thought it was heard mostly in the work area
boy is she touchy after that meeting- FAP
by Cynthia Moore September 09, 2007
The male equivalent of schlick.
by azure April 07, 2003
acronym for Fat As Possible. sweating is often a side-effect of being FAB.
"Dude, i'm sweating, and its making me feel fat and uncomfortable!"

"Cuz we're FAP."
by bigriles71 August 30, 2008
In the positive sense: To excessively want or talk about something

In the negative sense: Referring to something that someone has overly tinkered with, talked about or added to.
Positive Sense:
Person 1: I'm fapping so hard for Final Fantasy XXII

Negative Sense:
Person 1: ... And it's got 30 wing mirrors and 36 12 inch subwoofers and 11 wheels...
Person 2: omfg seriously. Your car is such a fap.
by s3ph October 14, 2007
Also see faptastic.
by MoonKnight January 27, 2003
Faps is word used to describe someone who is petty, picky, or homosexual. Faps is commonly mistaken for the acronym F.A.P.S.
"George, stop getting on my nerves. You are such a faps."
by James W. Ricardo November 16, 2007
A short and humorous word for masturbation. It originates from the sound that is made when someone is so brutal and inconsiderate to their cock when they're masturbating, that it makes a sound from the strokes.
I don't need porn to fap.
by Kylezzzzlol January 08, 2009

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