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A picture taken by one friend for another friend. These kind of pictures include a piece of paper (any form), body part, and/or inanimate object with writing on it.
Friend 1: yo, make me a fansign saying, "I love ----"
Friend 2: like... ok!
by monotune December 05, 2006
165 55
A sign made by a fan,or a friend,with someones name or Nickname.
usually on a piece of paper or body part
-"Sarah make me a fansign (: I'll do one for you"

-"Okay Make mine say Sarah is swaggin'!"
by T.M & co. October 17, 2009
71 43
a sign made from a fan, usually recieved as a photograph.
"like omg your so hawt!!" - girl
"yeah bebe, make a fan sign that says 'i love you;;'" - guy
"okay =]" - girl
by Justin Indradat January 14, 2007
40 28