Top Definition
This word pertains to fanart, fanfic, or fan videos (fanvid, for short) - for certain shipped couples.... It can be based on romantic connections, deep friendships, clash-of-interests, and even simply enjoying two character relationships....
Spuffy, Sparrabeth, Lexana, Snermione, are some of my favorite fanships..... I write, draw, and make videos for these couples... because I'm a romantic person at heart, yet I love to see their tensions grow....
by Scarlett Passions October 17, 2007
Construction with fan and relationship:
1. Circle of fan view from the point of the administrator(s) of the Fan club/page
2. Social interaction between the fan and the administrator(s) of the Fan club/page
2. By extension fan count.
Our fan page on Facebook is quite boring. We have to post some new exciting photos to extend our fanship
by Fraidoch November 02, 2009
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