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A blemish on the otherwise shiny, brassy name of creative writing.
"Oh lord, she wrote an Inu-Crappa self-insert fan fiction..."
by Alexander Girard September 21, 2005
Fiction written by fans or a genre,includes:
The Music fanfiction is by far the most varied,last time I checked there were 1460 pieces of fanfiction written about a single band.And that's just ONE band on ONe website.That band was My Chemical Romance.About 90% of fan-fic about MCR is just sex really (usually Gerard Way/Bert Mccracken ,Gerard Way/Frank,or,nastily,Gerard Way/Mikey Way).The rest are stories about the band menbers being vamires which are preety funny. But most of it is just really,really,sick. Take a sick-bag.
Weird Person:"Gerard Way is so doing Bert from The Used.They are SO butt-buddies.
Real MCR fan:Yeah.Whatever.
Weird Person:Wanna read my fanfiction I wrote about Gerard getting Butt-raped by Bert,then Frack,then me,then Bert again then his own brother?
Real MCR fan:uhh...OKay
~Reads it~
~Barfs everywhere~
~Punches Weird Person out~
~Barfs everywhere~
by MCRmy June 06, 2006
Something really fun for extrenely bored people who like their favorite show/movie/video game too much. Some are good. Most of them, however, are bad.
MSTing bad fanfiction gives people headaches, but does the world a service
by Cherrie October 30, 2003
1. Literature written about/inspired by movies/games/tv shows/etc by fans of that particular subject matter.

2. Stupid stories written by fanboys/fangirls and general idiots (see 133t douche and blogger.) Often not worth reading.
FanFiction Asshole: Hey, have you read my new story in which two of the characters from the shitty anime show I always watch have sex?

Normal Guy: Never talk to me again.
by James "Stardust" Bond May 02, 2005
A synonym for plagiarism.

See also: disrespect, creative rape, theft of intellectual property.
Fanfiction is taking an author/creator's work, building on it, twisting it, and distorting it so that the creator's vision is no longer recognizable, without even asking the creator's permission or taking his attitude toward his work into account.

Any fanficcer who claims to have an ounce of integrity is lying to you and to himself.
by nat s. March 18, 2008
Gay crap thought up by retarded otaku anime fangirls in which they get to have sex with their favorite anime characters cause they can't get any in real life.
Here is an example of fanfiction:
Sasuke insisted that Orochimaru use the cherry flavored condoms over the blueberry ones, but Orochimaru wanted to do him in the ass instead.
by Me.. August 28, 2006
1. Sheesh, how straight forward do you want it to be? Break it down into two words: "fan" and "fiction". As in, Fiction written by overly-obsessed fans of books. Get it?

And you had to go on this site to look it up? Loser.

2. Fiction written by fans (durr) who usually don't have a life and wish they were the author of the book they're writing fiction about. Yay them, huh?

Oh, and that's not all. Usually, their writing is pretty bad with grammar mistakes, misspellings of characters (main or not), and cliched events that don't follow the actual events in the origin of their writing. Wonderful *rolls eyes with a voice full of sarcasm*.
1. Harry Potter decided to steal Dudley's computer and go on Urban Dictionary to look up naughty words he overheard that Voldemort and Snape were acting out, until he found the word "fanfiction". He decided to look it up because he had no clue what it was (the loser) and BAM! He realized he's a loser because he couldn't define the word "fanfiction". Kinda like you. Woot woot. Case closed. Next.

2. Oh, but despite the fact that he's a loser for looking up such a dumb word, Harry Potter didn't stop there. He went on a fanfiction site to write his own fanfiction about his life (a.k.a. books by JKR). I feel sorry for him, but hey, it's not my life that's getting screwed up by fanfiction and loser-ish-ness, so I don't give!
by you're a loser. yay. July 06, 2006