a small leprichaun male like creature whos only weakness is weed.
the boys and famo cruised to the park and reefed till there eyes poped out
by tg August 22, 2003
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Famo is a term of endearment for those closest to you in your social network, whether friends, family, or those from your hood.
Wad up Famo, what you got on the drinks?
by $*JHill*$ October 15, 2005
Forget And Move On
Seriously, yall just need to FAMO
by Sabrina-Kate March 27, 2015
A term on the Risk website Conquerclub.com meaning "Foe And Move On"; as a suggestion for ignoring another player.
UserA: That guy attacked my region for no reason other than personal vendetta.
Moderator: Sorry, UserA, FAMO.
by Alex Johansen February 15, 2012
someone who smokes too much weed
that guy is such a famo
by lacy hudson January 20, 2009
white kid who wants to be black; wigger.
"Hey famo, you're white!"
by j-reb January 26, 2009

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