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a small leprichaun male like creature whos only weakness is weed.
the boys and famo cruised to the park and reefed till there eyes poped out
by tg August 22, 2003
34 136
Famo is a term of endearment for those closest to you in your social network, whether friends, family, or those from your hood.
Wad up Famo, what you got on the drinks?
by $*JHill*$ October 15, 2005
257 63
A term on the Risk website Conquerclub.com meaning "Foe And Move On"; as a suggestion for ignoring another player.
UserA: That guy attacked my region for no reason other than personal vendetta.
Moderator: Sorry, UserA, FAMO.
by Alex Johansen February 15, 2012
11 6
someone who smokes too much weed
that guy is such a famo
by lacy hudson January 20, 2009
13 94
white kid who wants to be black; wigger.
"Hey famo, you're white!"
by j-reb January 26, 2009
15 107