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a party or get-together that consists of only family members in a 'jam' or party like setting.
Tonight, i'm heading over to Uncle Fred's for a famjam.
by Samantha B July 23, 2005
a get together or party with family/relatives
THERE'S A FAM JAM TONIGHT! Grandma's gon be crashinnn it.
by narminder May 25, 2008
1. to party with family

2. to miss going out going with friends because of stupid family events
guy 1: yooo did you did go to that party last night is was sick

guy 2: bro i was at a fam jam
by alexander pina and jlo July 10, 2008
An orgy consisting of immediate family members.

We miss you. When you get back from the Marines me and your Father have a nice fam jam planned for you.
Your sisters said "Hey and they miss you."

by RANDYSANDYPANTIES February 06, 2011