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False Advertisement is when you pay for something and get something other than what you paid for.
I ordered a toaster from ebay and recieved a microwave. Then I contacted the guy who advertised it and he said "sorry false advertisement".
by James Zerelle March 05, 2010
when a female disguises the upper half of her face, usually with sun-glasses, to improve her sexual appearance when in the company of males
"dude she's hot." -matt
"nah dude, look! she took off her sunglasses." shouts, "that's false-advertisement bitch!" -nate
by phoshizzle41 November 04, 2009
when you a see a girl from behind or far away and your like "DAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMM she fine" then you see her up close and youur like "DAMMMMMMMMMMMMM" she nasty. Primarily happens when she has a nice body and a butterface (meaning she's good "but her face")
Last week alex saw this hot girl at Macdaddydonalds then she turned around and it was a mom. He was like thats False advertisement.
by Franklin gribble August 26, 2006