fallout boy used to be emo, but now they are famous, they act so big, and no self-respecting emo will listen to them anymore, because they're music will only get worse, not better because they are in the limelight. and the tickets to their concerts are now so expensive
all the other bands you used to like that became famous, just like fall out boy for me
by passionflower_poison July 16, 2006
Chicago based band. There actually pretty good with thier guitar riffs and clever lyrics. and for all those fags that keep wasting their time by posting fall out boy is gay and they suck you cunts are pathetic. Fall out boy are famous for thier music, lyrics, and kool guitar riffs. And you haters arent! so go and wank in a corner about how hardcore u fagots are.losers :)
dude:wow that dance dance song from fall out boy isnt too bad! infact its pretty kick ass.
poser faggot that think hes hard core: no way their shit those dam emo posers.
dude: jesus man ure the poser, bitter old faggot ure not famous so dont talk shit about unless u could do better.
poser faggot that thinks hes hard core: shutup im insecure
by sum random March 10, 2006
Fall Out Boy is the most over-rated, non-talented, poser band on earth. The only reason why they became so famous in the mainstream is because of the style of clothing they wear, which all 13-16 year old girls seem to admire for reasons unknown. The band members are all ugly, cross-dressing posers who claim to reflect upon punk lifestyle. If you're one of those ignorant people who listen to this band and say they have talent, I suggest you kill yourself to save you from your own stupidity.

Here are the true facts of Fall Out Boy:

1. They only became famous because they are sell-outs.

2. They are not a talented band, they are judged strictly by looks and appearance.

3. Most of the people who are fans of this band are obviously tone-deaf and do not know anything about music what-so-ever.

If you really want to listen to mainstream that are actually quite popular and talented at the same time, try listening to something worth while like Tool, Metallica, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Godsmack, Megadeth, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin etc.
Fall Out Boy is a crappy band that will eventually fail and everyone will forget about over time.
by JJ O'Neill November 10, 2007
A realy really awsome band with deep lyrics, even though u have to be a true fan to understand them. I didn't really know fall out boy before mtv like some ppl say cuz I don't live in chicago,and they r based there. They are kinda punk\pop\rok, but it doesn't rrly matter wat u label them because they are awsome!!!!!!

The band consists of singer\guitarist and cutie- patrick, drummer and vegan- andy, guitarist and energetic (atleast on stage)- joe, and bassist and sex-symbol- pete.

To the haters- the only reason u hate fall out boy is because u haven't heard their non-single songs, and since the ppl who hate them are not musicians, singles are the songs u hear on the radio not that the group members are single, take a chance to get one of their cds and listen to the music and interpret the lyrics, not just the songs that mtv chooses to make them famous,, so unless u have bakground on ur opinions don't call them "gay" or "fags" cuz that's just being a homophobic person.

Their latest cd is "infinity on high" which started out with the single "this ain´t a scene its an arms race".
Example of lyrics of fall out boy.:

From song: Thnks fr th mmrs
Get me outa my mind, get u outa those clothes, I'm a liner away from getting u into the mood

From song: I'm like a lawyer with the way I'm trying to push u off
We're the new face of failure, prettier and younger but not any better off, bulletproof loneliness, at best

From song: a little less sixteen candles, a little more touch me
I don't blame you for being you, but u can't blame me for hating it, so say wat r u waiting for?, kiss her kiss her,I set my clocks early cuz you know I'm always late

From song: sugar we're going down (which is probably the 1 haters hate cuz they don't listen to the lyrics)
O don't mind me,I'm watching you two from the closet, wishing to be the friction in your jeans,isn't it messed up how I'm just dying to be him,I'm just a notch in ur bedpost but ur just a line in a song.

From song: fame < infamy
I'm addicted to the way I feel when I think of u

{Yea I know these aren't the best songs but my friend is updating my ipod with the old ones! Can't wait to hear them!}
by naiviv March 05, 2007
Amazing band from Chicago, killer lyrics and better throats... theyll kick the shit outta anything youve ever heard.

(Also a character from the simpsons.)
"I heard their going back for a few more concerts as an early christmas present to stacy...oh and the other kids."
" Fall Out Boy rocks my socks!"
by Stacy August 29, 2004
Fall Out Boy is a pop-punk band originally created in Chicago in 2001. They originally had a guitarist called "HeyChris" who dropped out two weeks before Fall Out Boy's first tour. The Lead Singer, Patrick Stump(h) needed to learn guitar in two weeks.

The band consists of members Patrick Stumph (he dropped the "h" so there would be no mispronunciations issues) the lead singer.

Peter Wentz--the bass player.

Joesph Trohman--Lead guitarist.

Andy Hurley--Drums and percussion.

The band is not "emo" it is pop-punk, and Patrick has found a way of slurring his words to make the songs sound more effective.
The lyrics are witty, clever, sarcastic and sometimes funny and everyone can relate to them because they are based on real life experiences--none of this made-up shit.

Whats more is that Fall Out Boy can actually play live shows. They are huge entertainers and have a large fan base that does NOT just consist of 13 year old girls.

Fall Out Boy have been around a lot longer, but MTV stuck their ass where they shouldn't have, and girls noticed the attractive bass player.

Whoever says Fall Out Boy sucks because the people in the band are ugly, what's the point? There isn't one.

If you're going to like a band, listen to their lyrics and their music.

Personally, i like Fall Out Boy, but that doesn't mean you have to. Though if you hate them please do have a good reason, other than "i hate those emo fags," because no-one wants to here you be a homophobic asshole.

We have far too many of them. Don't be LADs, because we all hate LADs. Everyone does. And don't be shmucks. We hate them too.

If you're going to hate Fall Out Boy give valid reason other than "their soo emo" or "all the guys are ugly" or "the lyrics are shitty" because they aren't.

I'd like to see you do better. THe music is composed by Patrick by himself, so I think you should b e more grateful.

Patrick is a talented person, who is kind-hearted, loyal and hard working.

Fall Out Boy needs more credit than they get.

Also all band members are down-to-earth, but hey, if you want to listen to X-Zibit, or Pussy Cat Dolls and say their music is the best and tell me that THEIR down to earth, do so, because i know Fall Out Boy is way Better.

Fall Out Boy has released 5 albums.

Fall Out Boy's evening out with your girlfriend.

Take This TO your Grave.

The Heart will always be the B-Side to my tounge.

From Under The Cork Tree.

Infinity on High.

For all those people who cant understand a word Patrick says, a million other people can, i jsut belief you refuse t o do so, because if you do, you'll realize how inspiring, clever, funny, lyrical and poetic they are.

Fall Out Boy tends to have title names true to their songs, which sets them apart from other bands.

Guy: I hate fall outboy! their fags.
Me: G.I.N.A.S.F.S!!
Guy: what?
Me: You're such a retard. If you're going to hate fall out boy, have a VALID reason!.
by Randogirl November 05, 2007
Fall Out Boy is one of the best bands of all time. all of you who think they are posers are honestly retarted considering that theyve had the same fan base since way before the one song youve heard, Sugar Were Goin Down. And yeah, ill admit they went a little more "pop", but they are still true to their roots and they are still fuckin awesome. And for you who say they are bad live.. you must have been stoned or something bc they are AMAZING live. They put on one of the most energetic shows you will ever see. Other than that, they are good to their fans and put their fans before their money. Ive been a fall out boy fan since before they were on the radio or MTV. They are rediculously amazing.
Person 1: Dude! that show was fuckin amazing!
Person 2: Well obviously, it was fall out boy.
by Michelle June 16, 2006
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