Chicago based band. There actually pretty good with thier guitar riffs and clever lyrics. and for all those fags that keep wasting their time by posting fall out boy is gay and they suck you cunts are pathetic. Fall out boy are famous for thier music, lyrics, and kool guitar riffs. And you haters arent! so go and wank in a corner about how hardcore u fagots are.losers :)
dude:wow that dance dance song from fall out boy isnt too bad! infact its pretty kick ass.
poser faggot that think hes hard core: no way their shit those dam emo posers.
dude: jesus man ure the poser, bitter old faggot ure not famous so dont talk shit about unless u could do better.
poser faggot that thinks hes hard core: shutup im insecure
by sum random March 10, 2006
Now, let's get a grip here. I may be 14 but I am not confused or a girl. I'd welcome a voice better than patrick's, because there isn't one. FOB, emo? I don't really care what you think, as long as it's about them. Pete's lyrics wipe the floor with any other modern bands I have heard. Stop with the arguments. Fall Out Boy are, have always been, and will continue to be a great band.

Maybe you should keep your jealousy close, cause it's all yours.
Random person - "You heard that Fall Out Boy are coming to play in Britain in march?"

Misgeyman - "Yeah, my and my friends are going to see them in Cardiff!"
by Midgeyman January 23, 2009
an amazing band that could be concidered "pop punk." This band consists of pete wentz, joe trohman, andy hurley and patrick stump. many people criticize this band and call them "posers" and "sellouts" which is totaly stupid concidering the fact that most of these people have only heard the songs that are concidered their "popular hits" such as "sugar we're goin down" and "dance dance." The band probably didnt expect these songs to get popular and its not their fault that mtv and trl decided to make them the "next big trend." this band is more than a trend and it always has been. Im not saying that every1 should like them, because its impossible to please every1. but i think fall out boy deserves more credit to their music, not just the "popular" stuff but some of their older music that is overlooked by the kids who are truly only listining to them because the are popular, or the kids who hate them because they've been on trl and get played on the radio.
fall out boy is an amazing band
by sarah m.p. June 07, 2006
1.the name of the sidekick Millhouse is on The Simpsons when he is with Radio Active Man.

2. A great band
Millhouse/Fall out boy: I think those x-rays gave me super powers!

Someone: Fall Out Boy rocks! I just bought their CD!
by me July 18, 2004
Pretty much the gayest band ever. All they sing about is how their girlfriends dumped them or how life sucks. Also they lack musical talent. The lead singer can't keep a tune, his voice is that of a pubescent 12 year. I honestly think his voice cracked 98 times during dance dance. Also the instrumentals are horrible. Why, oh, why, do those losesrs buy expensive gibson sg's, fender p bass' and tama drums if alls they do is play some power chords layered with a beginners bass riff and a simple drum beat, then add the horrible vocals. Honestly, I could drag nails over a chalk board and sound better them.
Fallout boy is honestly the worst band ever, in my opinion, in 12 years everyone will forget about them and they'll be sitting in the streets of chicago begging for money.

Fallout boy fan: O my god you loser face!!! your just jealous cause your music hasnt been good since the 80's

No, but i do know music when i hear it, and fallout boy fits more in the category of a steaming pile of shit.
by 12345678901 July 26, 2006
A (now) mainstream four-piece band categorized as pop punk, pop rock, emo, or combinations of the three. Known for their nasal vocalist, simplistic guitar riffs, basslines consisting of no more than four notes which cannot even be successfully played at a live show, and "poetic" lyrics such as "WE'RE GOIN" DOWN, DOWN, ENALURBLYURAAHLL...", it's no surprise that Fall Out Boy is one of the most popular rock acts today, particularly among 14-21 year old females and males confused about their orientation.

Fall Out Boy differs from similar bands in that their bassist acts as (or tries to act as) the frontman of the group, without singing or adequately playing his instrument. Though he ranks as the least talented member of the band, Pete Wentz garners most of the group's media attention, being the only 6 while surrounded by 3's and 4's. Pete also writes the "brilliant lyrics" indecipherably crooned by singer Patrick Stump. In an attempt to appear quirky and clever, titles of Fall Out Boy songs are usually a sentence long. The exposure of Wentz' genitalia is irrelevent and was likely brought to the media forefront by the band itself as a failed publicity stunt.

Taking note of the band's lack of... everything, it is a mystery how Fall Out Boy is successfully marketed. There are no timeless hooks, no particularly attractive band members to get the teenyboppers riled up, nothing instrumentally impressive or innovative, and nothing that hasn't been done before several times (and with less ego) by Blink 182 or even Simple Plan. The success of Fall Out Boy remains an enigma, as well as a trademark of the tastelessness of teenage youth and anyone who refers to themself as emo.
Fall Out Boy is MySpace on the radio.
by Chernorizets Hrabr August 11, 2006
I'm going to admit that I never heard of Fall Out Boy until I heard "Sugar We're Going Down" on MTV. I fell in love with the song and proceeded to go out and buy their CD NOT because they were on MTV, but because I liked the music and could care less whether or not TRL put it on the number one spot or no. Since then, I have learned all the lyrics to ALL of their songs, even -GASP- the songs before MTV stuck their big ass noses into good music and twisted it into a "trend" they know will get them a big ass pay check. MTV is not worthy to be called "Music Television" as it no longer plays any "good" music anymore.

Many of you will be shocked to hear that FOB is not emo. Just because Pete happens to wear skinny jeans and eyeliner doesn't mean he has to wear this stupid ass lable that butt-fuck MTV exec's put on him. Anybody who calls them "emo", I have a special message for you: Shut up you incoherent asshole. Maybe if you would actually think with the brain God gave you and not with your ass, you might actually find some good bands. Stop calling them emo when you don't even know what the fuck it means.


I for one listen to Fall Out Boy because of the music and if Pete and Patrick just so happen to be attractive its a extra bonus. So shut the fuck up and if you don't like FOB, that's your business, not mine, but don't fill someone else's ears with your half-assed "rants" because, believe it or not, THEY might actaully listen to the music and not what these asshole magazines say about them or some fat ass music critic whose whole life has been dedicated to sitting around on his blubbery ass watching MTV and listening to whatever radio station he listens to.
Buttfuck#1: FOB is so emo. I'm going to listen to them just because MTV says to and this magazine says they're emo.
Buttfuck#2: Dude, I know. Maybe if we listen to Fall Out Boy and think Pete is hot people will think we're emo.
(proceeds to kick their little wannabe-emo asses)
Buttfucks:(cry and go sit in a corner so their friends can take pictures of them and post on myspace to show how emo they are)
by XMyXHeartbreakX May 31, 2007
Fallout boy is radioactive man's sidekick, portrayed by millhouse and micky rooney. Fallout boy is toight, fallout boy
fallout boy~jiminy jillickers! lookout radioactive man the sun is exploding again!
by vester ..!.. August 29, 2007
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