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Chicago based band. There actually pretty good with thier guitar riffs and clever lyrics. and for all those fags that keep wasting their time by posting fall out boy is gay and they suck you cunts are pathetic. Fall out boy are famous for thier music, lyrics, and kool guitar riffs. And you haters arent! so go and wank in a corner about how hardcore u fagots are.losers :)
dude:wow that dance dance song from fall out boy isnt too bad! infact its pretty kick ass.
poser faggot that think hes hard core: no way their shit those dam emo posers.
dude: jesus man ure the poser, bitter old faggot ure not famous so dont talk shit about unless u could do better.
poser faggot that thinks hes hard core: shutup im insecure
by sum random March 10, 2006
A band that was once (and maybe still is) good. Before MTV, the hype, and Pete Wentz's dick being plastered all over the internet, they were a hell of a lot better. They would be better yet without Pete Wentz who is untalented in music and basically a waste of space. The lyrics are pretty good, though sometimes it seems like there is no deeper meaning behind them...Example:

"Racing through the city, windows down in the back, the yellow chicken calls,"

Okay, I'm sorry, but I just don't think that there is anything deep behind "the yellow chicken calls". But maybe I'm just hearing the whole thing wrong, due to the fact that Patrick Stump, the lead singer, has some diction issues.

Example 1:

What you hear:
This ain't a city, it's a golf cart ass face

What you're supposed to be hearing:
This ain't a scene, it's a goddamn arms race

Example #2:

What you hear:
I'm a little man, and I'm also evil, oh so into cats (ooh ooh ooh) also into cats...

What you're supposed to be hearing:
I'm the leading man, and the lies I weave are oh so intricate (ooh ooh ooh) Oh so intricate...

Maybe I need to get my hearing checked, but I'm sure I'm not the only person that has misinterpreted Fall Out Boy lyrics...

While I have some respect for the drummer, straight-edge vegan hippie, Andy Hurley, Fall Out Boy is unfortunatly on the road to becoming overplayed sell-outs. Either that or the guitarist, Joe Trohman, is going to end up in rehab for pot smoking...whichever comes first...
I can't really even listen to Fall Out Boy without thinking about what a dick Pete Wentz is...
by Megan.Maudlin January 15, 2008
A really bad band. The singer is so ugly and untalented that the bassist has to front the band.
The only thing good about fall out boy is that the singer backed vocals in "Everything is Alright" by Motion City Soundtrack and the bassist discovered The Academy Is...
by Hilary M June 03, 2007
Gay plain and simple
Wow oh my god did you see fall out boy?
I dont give a flying fuck they suck balls"
by Teh Ownerer April 16, 2007
people only listen to their music because they feel bad for them
Chad: what is the suckiest band in the world, just wondering
Tom: Obviously its those fall out boys
Chad: You are absolutel right, you wanna make out
by VANHALEN4LIFE April 02, 2007
A EMO! band from Chicago that use to be a really big hit before everyone just started to hate them all of the sudden because there stupid Dumbfucks.
Fall out boy IS A EMO band and they play EMO MUSIC! Pete Wentz said so in the aol aim interview look it up : )
Their lyrics are amazingly good and they all rock the house
They still rule and I REAL FALL OUT BOY fans are the best and they understand what they go through.
Fall Out Boy rules...
End of story : )

loyal fan:Hey look at the awesome band !
DUMBFUCK:who fall out boy?
LOYAL FAN: yeah there so awesome
dumbfuck:no fall out boy sucks balls

see in this example the retard that said fall out boy sucked, was killed by one of the loyal fans : )

PS. loyal fans aren't murderers he was just really pissed and then yeah whatever
by tic tac March 19, 2007
An absolutely god-awful band. Might be some of the worst music I have ever heard. I am ashamed these faggots are from Chicago.
Wow, Fall Out Boy sucks. They're entire fan base consists of girls and gay men.
by tenaciousd6936 August 14, 2006
absolutely the WORST band that ever has and ever will roam this earth. My dream is to one day chop and slice these gay ass wannabes. Anyone who thinks fall out boy is music is either mentally challenged or was dropped on their heads numerous times when they were little.
gimme an "S" , gimme a "U", gimme a "C", gimme a "K", gimme a "Y", whats that spell.....FALL OUT BOY! (fall out boy is not punk you fuckin emos!)
by aardwolf December 24, 2005