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Chicago based band. There actually pretty good with thier guitar riffs and clever lyrics. and for all those fags that keep wasting their time by posting fall out boy is gay and they suck you cunts are pathetic. Fall out boy are famous for thier music, lyrics, and kool guitar riffs. And you haters arent! so go and wank in a corner about how hardcore u fagots are.losers :)
dude:wow that dance dance song from fall out boy isnt too bad! infact its pretty kick ass.
poser faggot that think hes hard core: no way their shit those dam emo posers.
dude: jesus man ure the poser, bitter old faggot ure not famous so dont talk shit about unless u could do better.
poser faggot that thinks hes hard core: shutup im insecure
by sum random March 10, 2006
87 117
A band that plays punk-rock music. They are often called fags because their bassist and lyricist , Pete Wentz, wears guyliner. Many people, mostly girls ages 14-18, believe that Pete Wentz is the hottest thing to hit the planet since pet rocks, although, without makeup, he is not particularly attractive. Their vocalist, composer, and backup singer is Patrick Stump, their guitarist is Joe Trohman, and their drummer is Andy Hurley. Thier first hit was Sugar, We're Going Down, shortly followed by Dance, Dance, and, most recently, Thnks Fr Th Mmrs. They are often called emo, which is partly true, depending on your definition of emo, because some of Fall Out Boy's songs contain suicidal themes and screamo. This band, for some reason that I cannot comprehend, inspires both extreme hatred and extreme idolization in great multitudes of people, who never actually pay attention to a band's music, only about their friends saying they are gay or talking about how hot Pete Wentz is. They forget to actually listen, or have their own opinion. Mine, however, is that Fall Out Boy is a good band. I like their music, and I believe that they have never changed their values to satisfy people they don't care about, is a huge acomplishment for anyone, celebrity or not.
Dude 1:"Wow, fall out boy sucks. Dance, dance is probably the worst song I've ever heard.

Girl 1: "I like it."

Dude 1: "Whatever"

by Ameera November 30, 2007
11 12
A "punk-pop" band which could be classified as emo. They have done little for music, and are not innovative in any sense of the word. They are not interesting although the lyrics are occasionally well written. They are popluar due to good marketing and admittedly catchy, if not particularly good songs.
Poser: I love Fall Out Boy! They're sooo talented and alternative!!
Normal Person: Wait, what, seriously?
2) Yes, I think the songs are catchy, fun, fluff; no I don't respect them as artists.
by Actual Indie Fan May 14, 2007
13 14
Gay plain and simple
Wow oh my god did you see fall out boy?
I dont give a flying fuck they suck balls"
by Teh Ownerer April 16, 2007
30 31
people only listen to their music because they feel bad for them
Chad: what is the suckiest band in the world, just wondering
Tom: Obviously its those fall out boys
Chad: You are absolutel right, you wanna make out
by VANHALEN4LIFE April 02, 2007
25 26
An absolutely god-awful band. Might be some of the worst music I have ever heard. I am ashamed these faggots are from Chicago.
Wow, Fall Out Boy sucks. They're entire fan base consists of girls and gay men.
by tenaciousd6936 August 14, 2006
49 50
Fall Out Boy is one of the biggest upsets to music in the face of the earth. I could make better music using a group of grab assing transvestites that were having sex. The lead singers high pitched voice annoys the shit out of both the audiences and the people that pay 1 dollar a song. Personally i think i could make better music out of my ass. Some may think i am on crack, but i say GO N*Stink
Dude that fall out boy concert was the biggest waste of 60 dollars i have ever spent. Dude i know, that lead singer sounded like a constapated antelope. I hope i never have to sit through one of those again...
145 146
The biggest poser band ever, No talent, repeteive lyricas and beats is what seems to constitute for music these days. Everyone who likes fall out boy are prebucent, middle class girls. The leadsinger looks like a moose, and boys in make up is not cool. Only Kiss can pull it off, their orignal, FOB is poser, shitty repetetive which is the standard. MTV fucked up music. Rap and Pop have taken over the world, but they shouldn't take over rock as well. Go listen to some nirvana, zeppelin, pink floyd and some good old punk, and then you can tell me that FOB is rock.
fall out boy sucks way too much ass
by ihatefalloutboy March 19, 2006
67 68