A "punk-pop" band which could be classified as emo. They have done little for music, and are not innovative in any sense of the word. They are not interesting although the lyrics are occasionally well written. They are popluar due to good marketing and admittedly catchy, if not particularly good songs.
Poser: I love Fall Out Boy! They're sooo talented and alternative!!
Normal Person: Wait, what, seriously?
2) Yes, I think the songs are catchy, fun, fluff; no I don't respect them as artists.
by Actual Indie Fan May 14, 2007
not fallout boy or falloutboy, Fall_Out_Boy. One of the greatest bads ever. Becoming popular in 2005, Fall Out Boy was once a small garage band that was playing small shows in Chicago. They're first cd was Evining Out With You Girlfriend which consists of strong lyrics and catch melodies. Then they were signed by Fueled By Ramen a recording lable. That is then when they came out with Take This To Your Grave. After staying in the shadows, Fal Out Boy got signed by Island Def Jam when they released their best album yet: From Under The Cork Tree. The cd makes you want to get up and dance which is just what Fall Out Boy was aiming for.
The band is made up of Lead Singer-Patrick Stumph, Lead guitarist- Joe Trohman, Drummer- Andy Hurley, and bassist; Pete Wentz
Patrick may not be reffered to as:Pat, the guy with the bad voice,the guy who always wears hats.
Pete may not be refered to as: the cute guy, the lead singer, the p33n guy,the dude whos always in the teenie magazines.
A:LyKe oMgZZ fAllOuTbOy iZZ LyKE thA besT BaND EvAaaa!!
B:shut the fuck up you teenie who only likes Fall Out Boy becasue of Sugar we're going down
A:I'm telling my mommy
by prettyspiffy3 December 07, 2006
Fall Out Boy is one of the biggest upsets to music in the face of the earth. I could make better music using a group of grab assing transvestites that were having sex. The lead singers high pitched voice annoys the shit out of both the audiences and the people that pay 1 dollar a song. Personally i think i could make better music out of my ass. Some may think i am on crack, but i say GO N*Stink
Dude that fall out boy concert was the biggest waste of 60 dollars i have ever spent. Dude i know, that lead singer sounded like a constapated antelope. I hope i never have to sit through one of those again...
a kick ass band whos members are peter wentz(bass), andy hurley(drums), joe trohman(guitar), and patrick stump(guitar/vocals) they were formed in 2001. patrick was last to join the band, he came in after an audition after he met joe in borders. Fall Out Boy got their name after a couple of shows they were nameless so they asked the crowd what their name should be someone replied fall out boy at the time they didn't know the simpsons had a character named fallout boy they released 2 cds before they were on trl, eveining out with your girlfriend and take this to your grave. contrary to popular belief they do have more songs than sugar were goin down and dance dance so dont decide after you hear those songs that you do or dont like them they are not a reflection upon the band they have recently released a new video for their song "a little less sixteen candles a little more touch me" all the songs are written by pete except for a few on take this to your grave that andy and joe wrote. pete owns a clothing company called clandestine industries he also owns a record label called decaydance
Fall Out Boy has no label they are not emo so don't clasify them as emo
person 1: have you heard fall out boy they are awesome
person 2: yeah i love their song calm before the storm
person 1: umm i love dance dance and sugar were goin down
person 2: their older stuff is better
person 1: what older stuff
person 2: X-|
by fob owns you March 14, 2006
Possibly the worst thing the world has ever turned out. Vocals sound like a baby crying hysterically while being repeatedly struck in the crotch by an electrified spatula. Fall Out Boy can be heard strumming their guitars frantically to try and confuse the listener into thinking that they actually know how to play their instruments. Fall Out Boy incorporates erratic beats and ear raping vocals into "music" that doesn't even flow through the course of one "song". Fall Out Boy is a group of girl scout rejects that got kicked out because they didn't make their cookie quota. hey if you're gonna suck at selling cookies why not music?

FOB fan-"hey did you hear that new Fall Out Boy song?"
Sensible Human Being-"you mean that noise that sounds like Wonder Woman being gang banged by a group of kindergarten Nazis??"
FOB fan-"yeah that one!! wait they all sound like that."
by Ranger Roy April 24, 2009
A really crappy punk pop emo band that is most known for stealing their name from The Simpsons character Fall Out Boy. ( sidekick to Radioactive Man.)

Most known by emo kids who watch to much MTV and think it's cool to have their hair long and dyed black.
(also see faggy emo)
hey have you heard the new fall out boy song?
NO! cause i'm not gay!
by temped March 05, 2009
A shitty excuse for a band: Their alternative style lacks in musical development. Their songs lack variety in rhythm, consisting mostly of sloppy thrashing power chords and smashing drums. They have absolutely no ability to pull of a decent live performance, and they lack improvisational skills completely. They can't jam, they can't compose intricate style with solos and whatnot, so FUCK THEM!, and all the similar punk-pussy bullshit out there.
BITCH: "Hey, have you heard the new fallout boy CD?"

DUDE: "No, why the fuck would you listen to that shit???"

BITCH:"Cause I'm a stupid narrow-minded bitch."

DUDE: "Good."
by DarkStar420 November 06, 2008
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