An absolutely god-awful band. Might be some of the worst music I have ever heard. I am ashamed these faggots are from Chicago.
Wow, Fall Out Boy sucks. They're entire fan base consists of girls and gay men.
by tenaciousd6936 August 14, 2006
The worst band ever! Its fucking emo and that sucks. Emo people are posers who slit their wrists to look "goth" when they are not. fuck fall out boy!
Fall out boy is emo. emo = sucks
by Eli m July 01, 2006
Possibly the Worst band ever feuled by a bunch of little girl fans who think they are actually listening to rock music, they are not rock music, they are pop. They've tainted the music scene with songs like Sugar Were Going Down just to physically damge my ears with the shit they call music today(I know they arent actually out to get me, they just suck). They are not emo, period. They have joined the new movement of poppy, bubblegum music that has a guitar chord played somewhere in the song, and they then think they deserve to be called rock music. I seriously wish this band would stop playing music FOREVER because now rock music stations are playing "Sugar Were Going Down" because they know that they will get listeners. Them and The Click 5 are seriously the two bands that have brought music to a screeching halt, and have started a regression. I think Bush should pull all the troops out of Iraq so they can hunt down these two shit stains on the face of the music industry, and do it soon, so I can get back to listening to real music(i.e. Sublime, Rage Against the Machine, and System of A down) Let the 10 year old girls get back to listening to normal pop music that doesnt invade my listening to rock radio and stop this shit from polluting airwaves. NOW!
If I could fucking get 4 people into solitary confinement for the rest of forever, it would be Fall Out Boy
by Disgruntled Listener March 31, 2006
Fall Out Boy is one of the biggest upsets to music in the face of the earth. I could make better music using a group of grab assing transvestites that were having sex. The lead singers high pitched voice annoys the shit out of both the audiences and the people that pay 1 dollar a song. Personally i think i could make better music out of my ass. Some may think i am on crack, but i say GO N*Stink
Dude that fall out boy concert was the biggest waste of 60 dollars i have ever spent. Dude i know, that lead singer sounded like a constapated antelope. I hope i never have to sit through one of those again...
The biggest poser band ever, No talent, repeteive lyricas and beats is what seems to constitute for music these days. Everyone who likes fall out boy are prebucent, middle class girls. The leadsinger looks like a moose, and boys in make up is not cool. Only Kiss can pull it off, their orignal, FOB is poser, shitty repetetive which is the standard. MTV fucked up music. Rap and Pop have taken over the world, but they shouldn't take over rock as well. Go listen to some nirvana, zeppelin, pink floyd and some good old punk, and then you can tell me that FOB is rock.
fall out boy sucks way too much ass
by ihatefalloutboy March 19, 2006
The worst band EVER to walk the face of the Earth. They are soooo crappy that they have to come up with an even CRAPPIER name to make themselves seem good. They are worse than N*STINK...and that's saying something.
"Dude! Did you listen to the radio this morning?"
"Yeah, but I had to turn it off because it was flooded with some gay boy-band named Fall Out Boy"
by Ur Mom! January 12, 2006
absolutely the WORST band that ever has and ever will roam this earth. My dream is to one day chop and slice these gay ass wannabes. Anyone who thinks fall out boy is music is either mentally challenged or was dropped on their heads numerous times when they were little.
gimme an "S" , gimme a "U", gimme a "C", gimme a "K", gimme a "Y", whats that spell.....FALL OUT BOY! (fall out boy is not punk you fuckin emos!)
by aardwolf December 24, 2005

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