to fuck and ugly she-beast so your friend can fuck the she-beast's hot friend
I'll fall on the grenade for you, but I need a few more beers first!
by Paul Thundergod August 29, 2003
to occupy the time (read: fuck) an ugly chick so that your friends can fuck her friends
Damn! I gotta fall on the grenade again!
by Nate June 04, 2003
According to Bud Light advertising officials, to fall on the grenade means to choose the more intellectual of the two scantily clad, leggy, voluptious super models cast to play bicurious friends opposite you and your equally unattractive, slightly overweight beer drinking cohort. Forcing you to sit and drink bud light whilst tuning out the dull, empowered, feminist rambling of the prude, abercrombie wearing, never-going-to-fuck-you hottie, while your buddy drinks bud light and dances his way into the looser hottie's panties. The intellectual one is always wearing glasses. Still you have a chance to possibly fuck the prude if you feign interest and agree to every fucking thing she says, but do you want to? Make sure not to drink too much bud light, no matter how long this bitch rambles on. You must be conscious to get the fuck out of there after she falls asleep or you're in for a hellish morning after.
Jim met Judy and Betty at the bar and bought them each bud lights so the responsibility fell on me to fall on the grenade and work for my pussy.
by Obiwan September 22, 2004
to keel over, and land on an un-used war device.
i hope i fall on a grenade
by SanJ Street August 03, 2003
when one has mega-bad luck.
John Simmons found out that his ultra-hot girlfriend has a mega-large weiner. Aint that a fall on the grenade?
by dick fitswell August 22, 2003
When My Matron walks in on me wanking in the showers.
Sorry mache..I'll get you a towel!
To be extremely bored or unhappy with a situation, surroundings or people.
Im going to fall on the grenade in this fucking room.
by Jason "skeezer" Harvey June 16, 2003

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