Founded in 2000 this band did not start out on top. With the newest album at the moment (from under the cork tree)there sound is different that it has been in the past.
usually Fall out boy's songs have a awesome title like our Lawyer made us change the name of this song so we wouldn't get sued.

by TeArsoNIcE April 04, 2006
Fall Out Boy is commonly mistaken for an emo band, but in fact, they are not. They are mainstream/pop/punk, and are sometimes called emo because they look slightly emo.
Fall Out Boy ain't emo.
by xxhelloxx November 30, 2006
Now, let's get a grip here. I may be 14 but I am not confused or a girl. I'd welcome a voice better than patrick's, because there isn't one. FOB, emo? I don't really care what you think, as long as it's about them. Pete's lyrics wipe the floor with any other modern bands I have heard. Stop with the arguments. Fall Out Boy are, have always been, and will continue to be a great band.

Maybe you should keep your jealousy close, cause it's all yours.
Random person - "You heard that Fall Out Boy are coming to play in Britain in march?"

Misgeyman - "Yeah, my and my friends are going to see them in Cardiff!"
by Midgeyman January 23, 2009
Fallout boy is radioactive man's sidekick, portrayed by millhouse and micky rooney. Fallout boy is toight, fallout boy
fallout boy~jiminy jillickers! lookout radioactive man the sun is exploding again!
by vester ..!.. August 29, 2007
worst band ever. lead singer w/ extremly high pitched voice. if not for the guitar work, songs would be confused with those of Nsync or 98 degrees.
guy : fallout boy is fucking queer.
girl : shuuut upppp! fallout boy rox my sox!
gay guy: yea totally!
by aaron September 19, 2004
1.the name of the sidekick Millhouse is on The Simpsons when he is with Radio Active Man.

2. A great band
Millhouse/Fall out boy: I think those x-rays gave me super powers!

Someone: Fall Out Boy rocks! I just bought their CD!
by me July 18, 2004
an amazing band that could be concidered "pop punk." This band consists of pete wentz, joe trohman, andy hurley and patrick stump. many people criticize this band and call them "posers" and "sellouts" which is totaly stupid concidering the fact that most of these people have only heard the songs that are concidered their "popular hits" such as "sugar we're goin down" and "dance dance." The band probably didnt expect these songs to get popular and its not their fault that mtv and trl decided to make them the "next big trend." this band is more than a trend and it always has been. Im not saying that every1 should like them, because its impossible to please every1. but i think fall out boy deserves more credit to their music, not just the "popular" stuff but some of their older music that is overlooked by the kids who are truly only listining to them because the are popular, or the kids who hate them because they've been on trl and get played on the radio.
fall out boy is an amazing band
by sarah m.p. June 07, 2006

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