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a man with massive muscles and the keen ability to bring smiles upon the faces of young men. However, this ability is contrasted with his xtreme dumbty. He is also a proud member of the National Roots Foundation, and his picture can be found at Some words he may use are: Yehesssssss and WWOOWOWOOOO along with, awhaw, ewhew, and noho!
Jasdeep: How much energy does a 32 kg object hold, when traveling at the two times the speed of light.

Fakhry: (with a look of dumfoundedness) WOWOWOWOOWOOOWOWOOOOOoWOOOO

Jadeep: ok...ill give a question ud know, whats my last name?

Fakhry: Khosa..yehesssss

Jasdeep: no-ho, ur one for one...whats my firstname?

Fakhry: no-ho, that ones too hard

Jasdeep: Hard like what? :;

Fakhry: ewhewww

Jasdeeeep: YA heSssssssssssssssssssssssss

by Chris Owen June 15, 2003
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