Shoes that look like Chuck Taylor All-Stars, but are most definitely not. Often worn by people because they still look as cool, but are cheaper. Frowned upon by most loyal wearers of Chucks.
Look at her wearing those fakers. Why doesn't she just buy real Converse?
by Jimmy Johnsonbox April 02, 2010
Top Definition
someone who says there gonna hangout with you or go somewhere with you and always bails out in the last second
will:man we are so going to that party this weekend!
auston:ya man the shits gonna be awesome
weekend comes....
auston:hey man where you at ?
will:sorry im doing other stuff

by im/tired/of/fakers June 27, 2009
Professional League of Legends player. Also referenced as the god of mechanics, god of LoL, god of the world, god of mid lane, the best LoL player.
Faker is love, Faker is life.
by Cambridge Dictionary May 08, 2015
A man who logs on to chat sites assuming the identity of a woman. Often this woman is bi sexual, really horny and has lots of topless/naked pics of herself she likes to swap with other women.

The irony is these chatrooms are so full of these fakers that most of the time theyre actually only swapping pictures with other fakers there. Thus the whole thing is pointless because the pictures they swap for are probably on a free porn site anyway.

Fortunately for any genuine bisexual/lesbian/curious women out there it's fairly simple to spot a faker. If they havent asked straight off for pictures they will do within about 5 minutes of pretty mundane conversation. Also they will hardly ever have clothed pictures for you and noticably over-use the word 'hun'.
hotles4u: u got any pics 4 me then hun

someone: get to fuck, faker!
Fans that cheer for the Lakers only because they are relevant. The fans have no connection to the city of Los Angeles or California.
Why are the Memphis Grizzlies getting booed on their own court...must be the all the Fakers in the building tonight.
by Rick James Mom February 07, 2011
A man who idolize SAi for being god of LoL
Mazii the faker
by Evil Eye and tingpa October 24, 2013
People who watch videos on the internet and claim what they have seen is fake, even if what they are seeing is just a nonsense video and does not claim to be true. Similair to haters who hate on the internet - there are fakers who say "fake, fake .. fake".

Do these people walk out of the cinema after watching King Kong saying, "That was fake" ?
comment on video - "Haha just a fake easy to see sorry "

comment on video - "so fake!! "

comment on video - "fake but funny "

people who leave comments like these are fakers.
by 3825man June 24, 2008
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