a fagget; a dude who acts gay or actually is
tell that fairy to grow some balls and loose the purse
#queer #fag #homo #gayfer #fruitcake
by billyboi December 18, 2006
a guy who ditches his friends for a girlfriend, especially for doing girly things like shopping or attending a dance (thus making the guy more like a girl or a "fag").
"Fairying out" is the act of being a fairy.
"We were supposed to play cs tonight, but pat totally fairy-ed out on us to go to the prom."
#fairy out #faery #fag #fairying out #having an actual girlfriend
by lexl November 05, 2005
Another word for a gay guy.
haha look at that fairy he looks so gay.
by Bobby De Niro July 23, 2004
(n) 1. big guy little pink dress 2. cute little thing which children think is wonderful until they find him sleeping with little johnny 3. strait guy commonly guessed gay
Stupid fuckin fairy get your skipping candy ass outa my house and don't ever play with my children like that again.
by riz December 23, 2003
rortise is the definition fo fairy find him in #keynsham
by disco June 08, 2003
A term used for fucking stupid ass pussy skiiers.
That skiier is such a fucking fairy.
by Babi February 17, 2004
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