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Short for retardofairy.
Used when someone says something idiotic or silly. Often used when someone doesn't understand a "That's what she said" joke.
Normally used with affection.
A: That's really big!
B: That's what she said.
A: Huh?
B: You're such a fairy.
by Coolio Georgy December 05, 2009
1. Someone who fetches and distributes classroom materials (ie the class set of books, or folders) before the rest of the students arrive, so they don't have to all get their own book/folder. Does this for no reason other than being a decent human being.

2. Can also be someone who gives away notes and homework after class to students in the same class.

1. Hey, looks like the folder fairy already put a textbook on everyone's desk, what a decent human being!

2. The Econ fairy came and gave us notes from the day's lecture over AIM.
by Angus Drummond March 26, 2007
Pleaseant term for female genitalia (predominantly British)
Get away from my fairy you dirty fucking perv
by Dav December 23, 2003
One who doesnt know how to talk right and no one knows about theyr sexual orientation, but tended to be slightly towards the homosexual side of life. Also look for Paul B.
"G-G-G-guys, t-today we have to go chill at the mall!"
no jokes dont mess with paul hes not gay but hes the jedi master and he would have a pink lightsaber, hence making him somewhat of a fairy
by we love you Paul and we know ur str8 September 14, 2005
A Manquneian punk tribute band
Insired by the Pixies
Noteable songs: Where is my mind, Debaser, cecillia ann etc
noteable members: Pat Duncombe and SImon douglas etc
The Fairies live for Frank Black
by Pretty Patty April 28, 2004
another word for vagina
innocent children use this word when they dont know correct technical term
"ouch! that ball hit me in my privates"
"you mean your a boy!?!?"
"no, the ball hit me *there*"
"oh rite"
"my mammy told me it was called my fairy"
by carolyn August 01, 2004
a fagget; a dude who acts gay or actually is
tell that fairy to grow some balls and loose the purse
by billyboi December 18, 2006