A school in Fairfield, CT that never gives its students a choice. The parents have banned multiple things at the school, including the following:
-A La Carte lunches
-Free Speech
And much much more!
The teachers all have strange quirks, and unfortunately none of them are easy. The school is also misleading to the town's 5th graders on orientation day. Instead of real lunch they prepare Chinese Spicy Chicken Bites or whatever the hell they are. The school is currently undergoing construction. The administrators are more conscious about that than the students. Now that's the sign of a great school.
Fifth Grader: Next year I'm gonna go to Fairfield Woods Middle School, where I can eat Chinese Spicy Chicken Bites for lunch!

Seventh Grader: Kid, those Chinese Spicy Chicken Bites are little ground up pieces of lies.
by I like good pancakes May 06, 2011
Top Definition
a place where the teachers give a shit load of homework, most of the girls are flat but have amazing asses, ands hair styles range from Justin Beiber to Pauly D. many of the students are tools and have extreme cases of dumb blonde syndrome, but others just dont try and fail every test thrown at them. Truely not a bad place to be if you like girls with fine asses and dont mind (or dont do) homework.
guy one: i sure do love a good ass once in a while

guy two: come down to fairfield woods middle school! just dont do the homework

guy one: sweet ill be there!
by that guy by the door January 28, 2011
A place where half the girls are fake and half the boys are fuck boys. Clothing under 100 dollars is unacceptable if you don't wear Vineyard Vines or Brandy then get out. Main stream and preppy kids can thrive here. At woods on any day you will find at least one person wearing the same thing as you meaning you have something in common with that person and just made a new friend. Also don't buy the cafeteria food it's shit!
Fairfield Woods Middle School scenario

Guy one: Hey guys what's up?
Guy two: You can't be over here.
Guy one: Why not I've been friends with half of you for years.
Guy two: You're not wearing Vineyard Vines.
by hidden face! October 15, 2015
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