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"Fair to middlin" is a Deep South term for okay, fair enough, alright.
That movie was fair to middlin'.
by Deedra October 14, 2007
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slang southern alabama attitude cotton country fair louisiana mississippi ok
Refers to the old practice of grading cotton not the highest or lowest quality but the grade in the middle between the best and the worst. Southern collaqualism means fair or ok
How's that project coming? Aww just fair to middlin
by Slamming Sammy May 14, 2009
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Term meaning "okay" rather than "fantastic" or "terrible". Derived from the classic game Oregon Trail, which was played on old school Apple Computers. When asked how good of a shot you are, your options are: poor, fair to middlin', and expert.
Ed: How are you today?
Suzy: Meh, fair to middlin'. I woke up kinda late, but i found five buucks in my pocket.
by sara elisabeth September 30, 2006
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