What someone says when they can't be bothered to have the courtesy to think of a real response. Abbreviated as just "fair" but can also be used in "fair play"
1. "I hate myspace"
"Fair enough"
2. "The over use of the words fair and enough are causing our generation to be poor communicators"
3. "I shot JR"
"Fair play to you man"
by Rosseh! October 27, 2005
Top Definition
What you say when you initially disagreed with another's opinion or behavior, but after hearing their explanation can now see their point of view.
Person 1: Why did you go to that lame school?
Person 2: Because they gave me a full ride.
Person 1: Fair enough.
by Woody10187 October 25, 2007
Your opinion is wrong, but proving it will take so long and accomplish so little that I'm not going to bother.
I think the Red Sox will win the World Series this year.

Fair enough.
by GPF August 25, 2004
A way of conceding a point, or admitting while you may not agree with someone's opinion, they are entitled to have it.
1. BroA: Dude, why didn't you take that job? The benefits were killer!
BroB: Maybe, but it was so far out, I'd have spent more on gas than what they were willing to pay me.
BroA: Fair enough.

2. American: Personally, I don't like the British, because the British don't like us.
Brit: Fair enough.
by TLV August 12, 2011
OK, I agree.


That's reasonable, even though I'm not sure I agree completely.
"When you graded my test, you added my score incorrectly.

I see, you're right. Fair enough."


"I think think Stephen King's prose is quite a bit less effective than you think!

OK. Fair enough."
by kmphilosopher June 12, 2011
1. used, when you agree with another person's statement or opinion

2. OK
Well, if you want to go on your own that's fair enough.
by ddevil8892 July 06, 2011
A perfectly ambiguous response that provides no legitimate details pertaining to the question asked.
Girl: "We're gonna stop by later is that alright?"
Roommate 1: "Fair enough."

Some time later...

Girl: (*Barges in*) Hey! We're here!
Roommate 2: Who said you could come over..? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!
by otterpark May 15, 2014
1. A statement in which the pronouncer neutrally accepts to having made a mistake, normally after having given instructions; a face-saving technique

"Take that Halloween mask off, it's creeping me out"
"This isn't a mask."
"Fair enough."

"This form is all wrong. We are at set 19A."
"This is set 18."
"Fair enough."
2. A neutral response to something weird, odd, or unexpected.

Mark is driving at night down a wooded road.

As he rounds the bend, a bird hits his windshield and rockets off into the night.

Mark calmly continues on his way and says," Fair enough."
by F.A.N.D.A.Y.R.E. September 06, 2011
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