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A fail so epic it can almost be considered a win.
Person 1 - "How the hell did you manage to slam halfway through your roof dude?"
Person 2 - "I dunno..."
Person 1 - "That's beyond ridiculous. You've failed on an epic scale bro"
Person 3 - "You slammed a car halfway through your roof man?! That's friggin failtacular!"
by waywardspooky November 08, 2007
Adj. --A status of Fail, derived from the words "fail", and "spectacular". This is the second highest rank of Failing, next to Epic Fail, and can be used to describe:

A: A single, godly fail, though the more common term for this is a more severe "Epic Fail".

B: A string of consecutive Failures, normally to the amusement of onlookers.
"Dude, your drawing of a duck looks like a second string Patriots's so failtacular!"

"Fail, Double Fail, Multifail, Failing Spree, Failtacular."
by TheAlgorithm June 21, 2009
a fail so epic it's almost a win.
- HOLY SHIT! did u c what mike did?
- yeah, how in the fuck did he fail that bad?
- i know man, it wuz failtacular
by bongblazer 52 March 14, 2011
A fail so epic, it's almost a win.
"I drove my car through a house, and somehow, I ended up on the roof. It was a failtacular."

"I managed to stick my dick in the toaster and pee out of my bread. It was a failtacular."
by FreeHigh5s February 10, 2014
a fail so epic its almost a win.
my friend crashed his car into his house, so i told him he was a failtacular
by iwinn May 24, 2011
a fail so epic its almost a win
Tyler: I love the song "Somebody Like You" by the Scorpions.
Me: It's "No One Like You."
Tyler: No it's not.
Me: Yeah it is.
Tyler: You know what? I'll ask my mom. Mom, Is it "Somebody Like You" or "No One Like You."
Mom: "No One Like You."
Tyler: Oh you're right it's "Nobody Like You."
Me: Actually it's "No One Like You."
Tyler: No you're wrong!!!! Let me ask my mom again. MOM?!
Mom: Yeah it's "No One Like You."
Tyler: WHAT THE @#^$!
Me: Wow Tyler, Failtacular.
by tranchemonsta March 23, 2009
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