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A series of three or more fails in a very short period of time. A combination of the words fail and storm
1)How did the date go last night?

It was a failstorm, first I called her the wrong name when I picked her up, then we went to a steak house and she is a vegan, the I was in a wreck on the way home. Couldn't imagine what else could go wrong.

2)Example Text conversation
Him: 200 Horsepower and 156 FPsT, Epic honda win
Me: Wow that is half of my car.
Him: At an eighth of the price though.
Me: Actually a sixth, nice math there champ
Me: Foot?
Him: Damn predictive text I meant to say Dif (Die in a fire)
Me: Wow, great internet term there, how long have you been playing halo? Three hours? I think you mean diaf
Me: Nice Failstorm there Bud.
by Ibenz April 13, 2010
Failstorm: combination of "Fail" and "Storm" Closely related to FTL

Definition: To suck wildly. A failstorm is a person/place/thing that sucks so incredibly hard, the word "Fail" no longer appropriately describes how lame it is.

First used by Devin aka. Junglematic
"Hey guys I just saw Nickelback in concert!"

"Wow.. failstorm."
by VickersGTS January 22, 2007
An unproductive and highly frustrating brainstorm.
Guy1: So does your band have a name yet?

Guy2: Nah, we had a bit of a failstorm but it just ended up pissing everyone off.
by WordsmithNinja April 01, 2009
A common scottish parody of the name of the band Alestorm, referring to the fact that their music is awful, and bound to fail
" hey, have you heard that band Alestorm? "
" Pfft, You mean FAILstorm "
" hahahahaha so true "
by power_metal September 15, 2008
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