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A usually unpleasant and uproariously funny lack of success. Usually used by teens and those idiots that hang around internet chat rooms (no one likes them).

Fail-The classic fail. Implying no success, and a heavy emphasis on idiocy and retardation.
Epic Fail-A Fail above the normal Fail. Implying even heavier emphasis on the sheer lunacy of the event.
Ultra Fail-Failing to the point of absolute horror and insanity. Only several Ultra Fails are known to be in existence today.
Teacher: Johnny, would you like to come up to the board and explain the word failure for us?
Johnny: Uh, so it's when you do stuff, and stuff happens that's bad and stuff.
Teacher: Very good! Would you please spell it for the class?
Johnny: F-A-Y-L-Y-U-R
Teacher: Please excuse me, Johnny, but you FAIL.
by Thrasher13 February 27, 2010
6 5
A term used by impressionable morons who though claim not to conform to popular trends, still buy into more "alternative" ones simply because they are incapable of either genuinely not conforming or fitting in.
1.] "Wow, I sure do fail at life."

2.] "Unfortunately, my mother failed to abort me."
by TheImmortal92 May 08, 2009
23 22
Failing at life. Being a noob.Posting the worst thread ever

Allonewordwrote commited a massive fail
when he wrote;

Corinthians Football Club
Sao Paolo


Dear Corinthians

My name is Chip Debawl, and I come from a place in the United States called St. Paul, Minnesota. I love soccer so much. It’s much better than those looser jock sports like Football and Hockey.

Anyways, I love you guys at soccer. I think you are really neat.

I would like to give you guys a chance to draft me for next season. My soccer skills are really awesome.

If you could call me on Klondike 4729, that would be super.

Yours sincerely


by alloneword January 06, 2009
1 0
F irst
A ttempt
I n

L ife
Dude 1: LOL! You fail!
Dude 2: First attempt in life ;)
Dude 1: *confused look*
by Hurradurrp January 15, 2012
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Word that is being consistently overused by assholes all around you so they can fit in and sound cool. Used to describe a minor disappointment in life, such as having a typo, tripping on your shoelace, or dialing the wrong number.

For other annoying overused words used by trendy douche bags, see Epic
Asshole 1: ZOMG d00d my phone fell in a bowl of cereal this morning

Asshole 2: Fail
Asshole 1: Lol I know
by cnopbl June 26, 2011
5 5
The Vancouver Canucks!
Did you see Vancouver fail at sweeping that series????
by chicagoblackhawksfan April 24, 2011
1 1
someone who does insanely stupid thing very often.
she failed when she put 2 cds into her computer at once
by mr.incognito_coolbeans June 03, 2010
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