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1.(n.) An unflattering insult told to someone after they have not succeeded in a goal, or have continuously proven to be useless to those around them.

2.(n.)(vul.) A disgustingly mishapped breast.

3.(v.) to failbag; The act of missing a mark so entirely that an individual embarrasses themselves entirely.
1. "Go home and cry yourself to sleep you failbag."

2. "Those aren't boobs, those are failbags."

3. "There goes Jimmy, failbagging it again."
by Nathan Pyrokai May 06, 2008
Someone containing a large amount of fail.
Carile is such a failbag, she's only sixteen and already has three kids.
by Kitsuneboom September 09, 2009
(adj) conjunction: failure at being a douche bag. Common place attractive girls go out with guys whom are douche bags i.e jerks. someone who is too nice to land a hot girlfriend.
I'll never get the head cheerleader I'm such a failbag.
by Ardent-Darkness May 24, 2010
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