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Appears in Skype whenever a file transfer becomes impossibly slow, whether on the sender's end or the receiver's end. Similar to the fail whale of Twitter fame.
I kept trying to get the project files from her, but NO, the damn fail snail kept cockblocking me!
by Dodger Of Zion July 25, 2010

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A situation in which a person has failed but it takes them a really long time to realize why they failed.
Guy: "Ahahahaha"

Girl: "What did I do wrong?"

Guy: "Wow, you're really slow aren't you? You're a Fail Snail!"
by Tex-Mex Shawn C. September 22, 2010
The victim of a future (possibly fatal) fail that everyone but the victim sees coming a from mile away.
Rednecks are the largest known colony of fail snails.
by The Fail Farm February 17, 2011