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The word used by the character of Goldmember in the third Austin Powers movie to mean father.

Due to Goldmember's Dutch accent, his pronunciation of father results in fahza. Hence, many confusing situations arise when Goldmember attempts to use the word.
Goldmember: "Austin powers fahza."
Dr. Evil: "His what?"
Number Two: "His fahza, Dr. Evil."
Dr. Evil: "His farger? What's a farger?"
Goldmember: "His fahza. Yeah, the fahza."
Dr. Evil: "Yeah, Goldmember, I don't speak freaky deaky dutch. Okay, perve boy."
Goldmember: "Fahza is dad. Dad is fahza."
Dr. Evil: "Oh, his dad. Oh, his FATHER."
Goldmember: "Yes, I have a Dutch accent. Isn't that weird?"
by Rock DJ December 04, 2004
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