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1. An unnecessarily busty brown HS girl who thinks she looks like a college student but acts like a 10 year old that thinks she's bangin' because of a few makeover tactics.
2. Fails to keep her boobs in her shirt (see Reya)
3. Has a similar sister (see Keya and Sayeeda)
4. Extremely blonde fool who thinks everything with a dick is cute/hot and says AWWWWW to everything
5. A scale upon which someone is measured on how blonde/foolish/stupid he/she is
Person A: Hey who's that hottie?
Person B: LOL dumbass that's just fahmida
Person A: Damn can I tap that?
Person B *shows a picter of her in freshman year*
Person A: ...boooooooobs. boob
See example 1
See Keya or Sayeeda
Person C: Hey there Fahmida!
Person C -__x____w__q__xxx-
Fahmida: Your facial deformity's kinda cute
Person C -__x____w__q__xxx-
Person D: Oh you dropped your stuff lemme help you get that
Person E: Awwwwwww thaaanks sweetie
Person E: You see that cutie over there? I think he digs me
Person F: He's 24 and he's our chem teacher o.0
Person E: He picked up my books! I want to get in his pants
Person F: Okay, you're a total 9 on the Fahmida scale
by rowrow3 November 06, 2010
a word used to describe someone who is interesting, fun, and an overall great person.
Dang that girl I talked to earlier, that was a fahmida!
by CR@ZZii J@Y J@Y June 27, 2008
Derived from Persia. This is used to describe someone - usually a female who is intelligent and wise - that others may be jealous of very quickly, usually women are jealous of her and men find her either alluring or a threat to their ego.
Person a: That girls is so smart!!
Person b: No way, she's not that smart, she may have gotten a million A-grades but she's probably sleeping with the teachers.
Person a: Nahhhh you just jealous coz she's a fahmida!! Youre a haterrr!
by see-er December 15, 2013
a beautiful girl who is really smart and the brown guys are wants to go out with her
Person m : dam who is she this girl ?
Person g : thats fahmida the smartest girl in jfk
Person m : wow thats a fahmida alright but does everybody love her ?
Person g : yeah but fahmida is into brow guys
Person m: oh i might talk to fahmida
Person g : you go and get the fahmida
by IanMoone1996 February 01, 2012