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A rare title awarded in the event of birth of a bad motherfucker; a potential "nick-name" worn only with all its glory. It's a name of honour, as much as a statement of awesomeness, worn only by the worthy individuals. It is exclusively awarded to a man with following traits: Generally considered handsome & somewhat of a prodigy, mind-blowingly charming, intellectual, talented, popularly described as a perfectly shaped badass motherfucker with the gift of game.

Usually paired with the male name of ancient roman origin; Emil.

Amongst title-winners are men such as: Samuel Leroy Jackson, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Vladimir Vladimirovitj Putin and Major Robert Henry Cain VC (Awarded the Victoria Cross 6th of December 1944).
Nurse: "Congratulations with the newborn! Oh, look at that baby boy, he's gifted..."

Father: "Honey, we should name him Emil Fahlèn"
by Vladimir Chechenkov September 26, 2013
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