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An underage smoking girl who totters around in a short skirt and high heels, puffing away. They often swear and attract oll the chav boys cos no-one else will have them!
Chloe: you still dating Chelsea fagslag then?
Joe: yeh, she's desperate
Chelsea: bitch, just cos you've not fukin done it as many fukin times as I have, doesn't mean you can fukin slag me off you bitch!
by nonayabiz May 15, 2007
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A faghag who whores herself out to as many gay men as possible.
A faghag who has more fags than straight male friends or girlfriends
"God I saw Jules @ The Wham! Reunion concert with her latest fag Nick... shes becoming such a fagslag lately.
by Adele S February 08, 2007

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