A smug, strident, hypocritical atheist who demands proof and evidence of God's existence while cowering behind the disingenuous label of "agnosticism" to avoid his/her own burden of proof.

A weak, cowardly, closeted atheist.
Noun: Fagnostic, Fagnostics, Fagnosticism
Adjective: Fagnostic, Fagnosticized

"Anti-theist, fagnostic bigots."
"Friends don't let friends get fagnosticized."
"This is your brain on Fagnosticism... Any questions?"
by AmiraBintYhwh March 23, 2013
The complete denial of the existence of homosexuality.
"There's no way that your dad was checking out my ass because there's no such thing as a fag," said the fagnostic.
by Super Dave April 19, 2003
One's denial of being "checked out" by a homosexual.
Aman, the fagnostic, explained that the queer was just being "friendly."
by Super Dave April 19, 2003
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