Top Definition
1. a gay preteen. not fully a fag yet.
2. a minature virsion of a fag.
3. a gay piglett
" dude, like brad pitt was such a faglette in his first movie"
by childofhell July 21, 2009

noun (circa 1920-25)

1. An overly effeminate male, often more-so than your typical feminine vag owner. Typically all in your face about it.

2. An effeminate male mistaken for a woman during a drunken stupor.

3. Typical bitch-ass, Civic driving, douche-bag pencil thin beard and crooked hat wearing wigger.
Person 1: Have you seen Blain's new Honda Civic?
Person 2: God, what a ricey little faglette.
by Vintage75 February 06, 2011
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