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a homosexual who is exponentially more gay than a faggot
you are such a faggor
by sir smoke June 30, 2005
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Proper way of calling someone a faggot , or homosexual.
You sir, are a faggor.
by ViLe_FreT March 04, 2015
A bundle of sticks, also known as a faggot. But with auto-correct enabled.
You're such a faggor. Shit, nevermind; fucking autocorrect
by I smell like Old Spice June 26, 2013
Another word for "faggot" Usually used in chatrooms and forums.
You're such a faggor!
by Kikyou-chan February 23, 2008
Someone who looks drastically different (better) on myspace than in person; a troll
Faggor looks so good in her new pic! Too bad she airbrushed the shit out of that.


He was such a faggor. I saw him at the Cartel show and he was about 4'11" with a potbelly. He mad uses the angles.
by April 25, 2006
railz u faggor.
by laz ;P November 07, 2003

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