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faggonometry noun
Variant of felaciosophy, dominant usage

n. Archaic
1. the unnecessary sophomoric study into the homosexual lifestyle by heterosexuals
2. unsolicited sympathies and pity from hag to fag in a surrogate maternal fashion: As seen in the fag-hag relationship
3. unwanted condescending paradoxical endorsements from nearby awkward metro-sexual
4. statements of support from empowered and ambitious youths as caveats to misinterpreted homophobia, in a melodramatic homophilia (not to be mistaken for hemophilia)

Origin: 2004-2005; QB felasiosophie < BK felaciosophia
He doesn't need your faggonometry he's a big boy now.
by Kariem September 08, 2007
The act of adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing faggots.
Today, class, we're gonna learn how to do faggonometry!

Foggonometry is my favorite subject in school.
by THAT_CRAZY_BITCH_666 May 03, 2016
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