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bitchassery noun -
1. the act or instance of being a bitchass; the lack of courage to face even innocuous situations
2. participating in a deceptive and cowardly act
3. irritating behavior; reminiscent of a fretful whiny nuisance
4. the condition itself

What is this bitchassery that's gotten into you!

--synonyms pusillanimity, timidity
--antonyms real niggas, chivalry
by Kariem September 08, 2007
faggonometry noun
Variant of felaciosophy, dominant usage

n. Archaic
1. the unnecessary sophomoric study into the homosexual lifestyle by heterosexuals
2. unsolicited sympathies and pity from hag to fag in a surrogate maternal fashion: As seen in the fag-hag relationship
3. unwanted condescending paradoxical endorsements from nearby awkward metro-sexual
4. statements of support from empowered and ambitious youths as caveats to misinterpreted homophobia, in a melodramatic homophilia (not to be mistaken for hemophilia)

Origin: 2004-2005; QB felasiosophie < BK felaciosophia
He doesn't need your faggonometry he's a big boy now.
by Kariem September 08, 2007
bitchpants noun
1. an ill-tempered countenance
2. eccentric; queer
3. having a bad disposition; peevish
4. exhibiting or characterized by having an extreme and irrational affinity for the bitchasserous condition
5. being bitchy for an extended period of time
6. radiating a disagreeable impression
What's with the bitchpants?
by Kariem September 08, 2007
bitchasserous adjective -
1. characterized by the deceptive and cowardly behavior or action of bitchasses
I'm sick of his bitchasserous bullshit

--Related forms
bitchasserously adverb
bitchasserosity noun
by Kariem September 08, 2007
whoreandered, whoreandering, whoreanders
1. to proceed by taking an indirect course with the intention of engaging in as many sexual acts possible with the eventual goal of arriving at a specific location without regard for punctuality or the consideration of others.
2. to obtain a needed dose or to satiate a particular craving for indiscriminate sexual fulfilment
Why are you guys so late? insert name was whoreander ing all over town, and every half block had to stop at a bar and catch some dick.

--Related forms
whoreanderer noun
whoreandery noun
by Kariem September 08, 2007
1. falsified fact or datum, esp. one used to solidifying a petty argument
See bullshit
He presented some shitistic to support some faggonometric aim.
by Kariem September 08, 2007

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