(n.) One who has the distinguised look of a homosexual. Also, used to insult one who sucks mucho pene, or, alot of penis.
Man, Steve has got to be the biggest fagface I know. I mean, look at those stretch marks on his lips. You don't get those from your standard hot dog.
by Sucio Sanchez April 06, 2006
Top Definition
reference to person who is asshole, jerk, stupid, bugaboo, annoying person, someone you want to slap.
Gena called Clay a fagface after he kicked the dog.
by Mena2 October 15, 2006
1)A person who is acting like a total fag.
2)A person whos staight but has that face of a fag.
Shut up you fag face!!
OMG that guy has a total fag face!
by D-Jon May 27, 2006
Someone who is a fag and you need a better word to call them then fag. Fag does not necessarily mean gay just someone who is incredibly stupid and desperate and says some of the weirdest/stupidest things you have ever heard in your entire life.
person 1- Zech, a.k.a. fagface is so retarded.
person 2- yes i agree he does say some of the stupidest/weirdest things i have every heard. Especially when he's high.
by 867-5309 call me March 08, 2007
1 - (adj.) Unexpectedly or disappointingly "gay" in the pejorative sense. Requiring a surprisingly large amount of attention or mental energy on account of being disappointing or lacking in explainable heterosexual motives.

2 - (n.) A person who is exhibiting the behavior of a stereotypical homosexual person out of context or despite being heterosexual.

3 - (n.) An insulting alternative name for any close friend. well-know acquaintance, or enemy who is behaving in uncharacteristically prissy ways.
def. 1 - This fagface meal is making me feel nauseous.

def. 2 - Look at Debbie's husband's casual, limp-wristed pose. He's such a fagface.

def. 3 - Stop messing around with my sister's perfume, fagface!
by Thaddeus Grahm January 01, 2011
When a straight guys act like a jerk and pisses you off, the best comeback to someone who tries so hard to prove that they are not gay. MXB way of being cool
Your a fagface why are you yelling at other people in there cars who can't hear you... idiot!!!!
by someoneWhoCaresAboutYou July 28, 2010
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