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someone who bags fags
bwaha...look at that faggbagger
by eyephuqdyamum April 13, 2005
A woman with sexual interest in a homosexual man or homosexual men in general.
Girl A: (About Girl C) Can't she tell that guy is gay?
Girl B: Probably, she's a total fag-bagger.
by stooone@live March 22, 2009
A person who goes on a simple hike but proceeds to wear a fanny pack, or fag bag, and claims that it is a "practical hiking gear satchel" and has unnecessary energy bars for the hike.
"Dude, the hike is only a mile long to the lighthouse, why bring the fag bag?"
"Hey, you can never be too prepared! I also have a compass and flashlight."
"You're such a fagbagger."
by Mamasita Lolita January 11, 2014
1. a fag who hangs out and attracts other fags
2. one who is friends with fags
1. I hate John and all his friends, what fag baggers
by j.s March 04, 2006