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when a bunch of heteosexual males get together and do metrosexual activities like shopping or watching American Idol
A bunch of guys got together after work to watch American Idol. It was a total fagapalooza!
by The Mighty Kingdog April 12, 2010
noun. (Fag-uh-pull-oo-zah); any event so remarkably gay, that it instantly causes eye witnesses to recoil first in confusion, then in shock. The shock can at sometimes become so severe that victims have been known to simply curl into tight fetal balls, repeating the same question continuously until their eventual death by dehydration or massive stroke; why?
Bill: Yesterday i saw 7 men organized in a circle, one of continuous butt sex. in the middle of the circle was a life size cutout of Zack Effron, apparently placed to fuel there homosexual activities. I was unsure of how to process what i perceived, and instantly went into a state of petrification, not unlike that caused by the stare of medusa.

Josh; Dude, thats really gay. Sounds like a serious fagapalooza to me.
by McPoddington August 05, 2008

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