1. A loser blues band from Maple Ridge. Only one of them can actually play..
haha, jay kay.

2. An amp that makes a really bad noise when you leave it on for too long.
It's pretty self-explanitory...
1. "Hey who's playing at lunch?"

"It's the Fagabond acting up again."
by asfasdfasdfasdfasdf May 20, 2006
Top Definition
An unsettled, desultory gay person who moves from place to place. A gay vagabond.
He told me that his itinerary as a gay travel nurse made him feel like a real fagabond.
by dreadsocks April 19, 2006
A Vagabond wo is a fag.
Robert: Look at that vagabond over there!
Green: Yeah, he is also a fag.
Robert: He is a real Fagabond.
by Ausmondo June 26, 2010
One of the seemingly millions of gay dudes with no job unemployed, no car, no place to live homeless, who rely on the kindness of any other for housing, transportation and money mooch.
Don't let that twink in your house, he's a fagabond, he'll never leave!
by sweet_tea June 04, 2009
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