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The overwhelmingly pungent vapor of cologne that emanates from a crowd of gay men.
I got stuck in an elevator with these guys in Chelsea and was almost suffocated by the fag fog.
by Cheebs6578585 October 25, 2006
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Vaporizer "smoke," especially flavored varieties.
"Hey man, do you smoke?"
"No, I vape."
"Why the hell are you puffing on that fag fog?"
by 12ga July 20, 2016
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An awesome person, often named Prentice.
"dude hes such a fagfog, not like them nignogs"
by dylan vanengelhoven August 11, 2007
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Description of clouds left behind from someone vaping.
"Dude I can't stand that fag fog, get outside with that shit."
via giphy
by DeadZools June 05, 2016
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