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A new species originating in Asia of straight "men" who attempt to look as gay as possible, complete with frosted tips, eyeliner, and scarves tied around their necks even in tropical weather. Combining the fashion sense of hipsters with the self absorbtion of doucebags, the fagbag is often seen in the company of hot Asian women who are dying inside for a real man who spends less time in front of a mirror than they do.
Look at that hot chick over there looking bored to tears with her fagbag boyfriend.
by BorisSDT August 07, 2011
1. Someone who is extremely flamboyant and homosexual; "extremely gay."

2. A combination of the words "faggot" and "douchebag" hence the creation of "fagbag".
1. Look at that fagbag's outfit over there!

2. That guy was so annoying, he was a total fagbag, I'm sure he likes guys.
by CahRayZee March 05, 2010
Military acronym for Field Artillery, Garrison. Used when ordering a map case. The case is for maps pencils and other supplies needed for mapping. The case has a shoulder strap and a flap cover that resembles a females purse.
The Sargent got in trouble for carrying a fag bag without a map inside the bag.
by Sgt Perv July 14, 2009
A fanny pack.
Wow, that gay guy was wearing a fag bag!
by jmss1295 July 11, 2009
The process of inserting one male's ballsack into another male's anus.
I heard those two fag bagged last night.
by Epicness101 October 21, 2010
a cross between a faggot and a doche bag. Somebody who is a true tool, asshole, dickweed, queer, and jerk-off. This person is the king or queen of every person who sucks at life.

Man, jack is such a fag-bag. he thinks that he is so cool, but nobody likes him, and hehas no friends.
by Little Gords March 14, 2007
1.a gay homosexual man

2.A Chinese person who is named Michael liford and is jelly of David and gosia!
Did you see that fagbag over there?
I sure did
by End aims December 06, 2012
An insult to an individual who acts semi-retarded.

A homo way of saying "You're a dumbass"
-HAHAHA! I just farted on the TV screen! XD
-You're a fagbag.
by Kingfishahh(; February 06, 2011